cryptocurrency types

While eachpiece asserts to be one-of-a-kind in its very own technique, the majority of all cryptocurrencies can be classified under one of these 4 types:

  1. Store valuable Maintain acquiring power in the long run
  2. Digital Currency Used for everyday deals
  3. Utility Token – Made use of for retrieving a service/good
  4. Security Token – Tokenized representation of a real-world property

Note that these are actually not collectively unique types. A singular piece might join muchmore than one category.

1. Shop of Value Cryptocurrencies

Popular SoV Cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin CashMoney

A great retail store of value (SoV) cryptocurrency types possesses three major characteristics.

  1. Ability to keep or increase its own potential purchasing power
  2. Cheap to keep
  3. Able to market or buy quickly (liquidity)

The Complication SoV Cryptocurrencies Are Actually Making An Effort to Fix

Traditionally, cashmoney, government bonds, gold, have all been actually thought about good stores useful. Yet sadly, eachhome some deficiency since they are actually either are costly to establishment, toughto buy/sell, or even their purchasing power deteriorates over time.


Inflation erodes the purchasing energy of cashmoney yearly. While it may be a proper outlet useful for the quick and also medium-term, it is certainly not a good option for the long-run.

Government Connects

Government connections are actually liquefied, non-volatile, as well as historically have offered a fair cost of yield (2–- 3%). However our company are actually approaching an environment today, where government guaranties are starting to generate an unfavorable interest rate (-1% per year). If the return on government bonds may not get rid of rising cost of living, after that they can easily no longer assure the maintenance of future obtaining electrical power.

Real property

Boom & & Seizure ft. the property cycle

Land & & residential property are volatile stores valuable due to the fact that they are actually influenced by housing market value fluctuations. Dryness apart, they are actually not considered fluid possessions. It takes weeks and also in some cases months to acquire or market a piece of realty. Any type of attempt to compel liquidation will definitely pushthe seller/buyer to transact on a discount rate.


Gold is the closest contrast to an SoV cryptocurrency, however the cost of holding gold is actually muchgreater due to the fact that it is a physical possession. According to records released throughNomura, the long-lasting average price of holding gold joins 2.4% eachyear.

The Remedy SoV Cryptocurrencies Propose

Secure, and Inexpensive to Retail Store

Compared to gold, SoV cryptocurrencies are actually more affordable to store. All you require is an equipment wallet, and also you can practically keep the coins secure forever at absolutely no cost. One can additionally make the debate that cryptocurrencies are actually a lot more secure than gold because not even the condition can powerfully repossess your resources.

Maintaining buying power via demand & & scarcity

Maintaining buying power as an SoV cryptocurrency is incredibly hard since the money are actually typically not secured to any type of real-world property. Their rate is actually completely figured out due to the aspects of demand & & supply out there. This is actually to point out, if no person wishes an SoV cryptocurrency any longer, the rate will definitely fall to $0.

While any individual can easily make an SoV cryptocurrency, the toughest ones out possess a big system of buyers, dealers, and also HODLers. Network effects are what bring in SoV cryptocurrencies warrantable. Toughnetworks maintain the price dependable and also difficult. The even more folks that keep SoV cryptocurrencies, the additional need, exchanging volume, and liquidity and price-stability there are going to be.

Bitcoin is a good example of an SoV cryptocurrency as a result of its own demand, liquidity, scarcity, as well as low-priced expense of safe storage.

Scarcity gives Bitcoin managers along witha promise they will not need to think about wonton boosts in the money source, whichare going to bring upon inflation as well as wear away the purchasing power of the money down the road.

Bitcoin was made to possess a natural rising cost of living fee similar to gold. In 2018, it was actually 4% a year. In 2020, it is going to be 2%. Inevitably, it will definitely border deeper and better to 0%. Every 4 years on average (210K blocks), the reward granted to Bitcoin miners for including a brand-new block is cut in half.

In enhancement, marketing and getting Bitcoin is actually a lot easier than offering or even buying a house. cryptocurrency types onramps like Coinbase are providing liquidity for folks making an effort to get in and away from the market.

Are Store of Value Cryptocurrencies an Excellent Investment?

SoV cryptocurrencies that show the attributes above mentioned pay. Various other SoV cryptocurrencies that wear’ t have liquidity, requirement, or even scarcity developed into its own financial supply wear.

An SoV cryptocurrency is actually simply a valuable expenditure if it holds its own conclusion of the discount whichis actually to have or even improve its own acquiring energy over time.

2. Digital Currencies

The second form of cryptocurrencies are digital money, pieces that are developed for day-to-day transactions.

Unlike SoV cryptocurrencies, digital money put on’ t love maintaining acquiring power in the long-run, just as long as the money’ s rising cost of living fee approaches cashmoney.

In simple fact, deflation is typically a bad thing for digital currencies because that indicates everybody will certainly would like to hold it instead of using it to purchase items & & services. If it ‘ s more suitable to keep it than to devote it, at that point you might have yourself an SoV cryptocurrency as opposed to a digital currency.

Popular Pieces that MatchThis Classification:

  • Facebook Libra
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Monero
  • ZCash
  • IOTA